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The Conklin Foundation is proud to have been able to help the following organizations reach their fundraising goals:

  • Alaska Department of Fish and Game
  • Nebraska Department of Fish and Game
  • Dallas Safari Club
  • Conservation Force
  • Safari Club International, American Wilderness Leadership School Program
  • Safari Club International Foundation
  • Safari Club International, Northwest Chapter, Sensory Safari Program
  • Safari Club International, Orange County Chapter, Youth Outdoor Day Program
  • Wild Sheep Foundation (Formerly The Foundation for North American Wild Sheep)
  • Nepal Wildlife Association
  • Wyoming FNAWS, Wild Sheep Workshop
  • The Murulle Foundation
  • Grand Slam Club/Ovis
  • The Yukon Outfitters Association, Ungulate Enhancement Program
  • Society for the Conservation of Desert Bighorn Sheep
  • Wildscapes Foundation
  • Cam Lancaster Memorial Fund
  • The Boone and Crockett Club, Hunt Fair Chase Program
  • The National Rifle Association, Youth Outdoor Education Program
  • U. S. Sportsmen Alliance
  • Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum of Utah
  • Vida Silvestre/Ovis Mexico, Desert Sheep Project on Carmen Island
  • Faro Moro Paraguay, Jaguar Population Study
  • The Christian Outdoor Alliance
  • Combat Marines Outdoors