Thank Yous



22 September 2011


Thank you so much for helping to send me to youth camp.  Without help from you I would not have been able to attend camp.  Keeping the hunting tradition alive is really important and I thank you for helping to do that as well.  I had a wonderful time.  We did so many things and it will continue to be a vivid memory in my mind!

I wrote a story for the NRA magazine about my trip and my times at youth camp.  A copy is attached, along with a few pictures.  One picture is from my first  trip at which I harvested a beautiful Corsican Ram.  The other picture is of my Axis Deer which I harvested this year.  Thank you again for the opportunity!  I hope to go to Africa next summer with my Dad on a hunting trip!  I am very excited about that.

Thank you,

Kendall Bauer

Download NRA Magazine Article