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Our 2014 program is very exciting.

In 2013 we contracted Craig Boddington, a famous and renowned outdoor writer and outdoor television activist, and Charles Kirk, a 19 year old famous national television speaker to each write a book. These books are for the youth movement across America designed for young people to know, identify and support hunting and the Second Amendment, plus have the information to support their position.

Each book will be about 100 pages. Craig Boddington’s book is factual and detailed but written in a way young people can remember. Adults, especially teachers, will also find this book very informative. Charles Kirk’s book is written by a teenager for teenagers and dispels “myths” many young people have picked up.

The Conklin Endowment Fund and the Conklin Foundation look to print these books inexpensively and find donors around the country who will buy a supply of them to be given free to young people. These are two of the only books ever written specifically for young people to give them information to support hunting and take the offense with true knowledge against non hunters.

It is hoped that 15,000 or more of these books can go all over the country each year to young people.

The Conklin Endowment Fund and the Conklin Foundation are leading the way to make a difference, to help educate young people with facts and information about hunting and the Second Amendment.